Student Testimonials

I would like to congratulate America West School of Real Estate on offering an excellent class. This class is especially good because of Jack Haddad. Not only do we receive good coaching, but also he has proven to be a trusted roll model for those of us who are working, or will be working, in the business.
For the past three and half weeks I have had the experience of sitting, attentively, in front of your podium listening to your instruction. It has been rewarding and very enlightening. You have been able to take a great deal of material and present it so that a person who has only a scant knowledge of real estate can understand and absorb. During each session you gave the most insecure member of the class a reason to believe they could succeed. It is a wonderful thing, in this day and age, to watch someone teach who really likes what he does and is totally immersed in the subject he teaches. You are a credit to your industry and America West [School of Real Estate]. I thoroughly appreciate what I received from your class and know that with a proper amount of studying the knowledge I have will get through the testing.
Thank you for a job well done.
I thought it fitting that I report on the final chapter of my educational process towards a real estate license…I started your course on February 6th. Took Principles of Real Estate exam on March 8th and passed. I took the State Exam on March 28th and found out today – I passed! Your efforts in laying a solid foundation toward that State Exam made passing the test 20 days after the Principle’s exam possible. The internet tests were invaluable. By using those tests and referring constantly back to the book my comprehension of the subject kicked in and it all came together.I look forward to creating an income from this newfound knowledge. I hope our paths cross in the future.
I was enrolled in the Real Estate Principles class with Jack Haddad, and I also used the Online Cram Exam…I passed the State Exam the first time! I feel that the online cram was a very effective tool in helping me pass the exam the first time...The questions on the cram exam were formatted just like the questions on the State Exam, and there were quite a few very similar. Actually, I thought a lot of the questions on the cram exam were harder than the State Exam. By using the cram exam I became very used to answering the questions so it was very easy to take the exam. I was very comfortable when I took the test. There were about 15 people who took the exam the day I did and I was the first one to finish…in a hour and a half!

When I attended America West, it was awhile back, however I really benefited from the coursework, learned a lot about the real estate market and most beneficial of course was I was prepared to take the state exam for licensing. It was a great experience and the classes were extremely affordable and hours of instruction convenient for my schedule. I recommend anyone who would like to learn more about the real estate market or are interested in getting their real estate license to attend this school!
~ Mia
The America West School of Real Estate provided us critical insight into the real estate business.  Having that face to face interaction with our instructor was crucial in really understanding how the things we learned in class related to the real estate business and the State Real Estate Exam.  I’m not confident that we would have felt that same way if we would have taken an online course.  I can remember that during and immediately after the very first class we had, feeling overwhelmed.  I distinctly recall seeing the look in my wife’s eyes that night as I’m not quite sure that she thought we’d made the right career move at that moment.  But, we encouraged each other throughout the duration of the weeks we were enrolled.  The instruction was fast paced and our instructor had a knack for keeping our attention during a demanding forty five hours of class.  

The State Real Estate Exam can be a bit daunting.  Our America West School of Real Estate Instructor and course study materials provided us some invaluable tips on specifically passing the exam as well as exam taking tips in general.  I appreciated the strategies that were shared with us for successfully passing the exam.  Although I did not use it, Cheryl opted to go with a computer cram course to assist her in passing the exam.  She highly recommends that to anyone taking the exam.  She feels that the repetitive sample exams you will take in the weeks leading up to the date of taking the actual exam gave her a notable advantage.  As it turned out, she completed her exam in less than half of the allotted time you’re given to finish the exam.  Even if a person is confident in their ability to pass to State Exam on the first try, Cheryl feels that it’s a big plus to purchase the computer cram course.  The mere repetitive nature the cram course increases the likelihood by a sizeable percentage that one will pass the exam.  And given the potential cost to retake the exam and the extra time off of work and travel time, it’s a good investment.  Passing the State Real Estate Exam and receiving that Real Estate License from the State of California is a very rewarding experience.      
~Dick & Cheryl

Thank you so much for helping me comprehend a topic that was foreign to me before taking your class. You brought real estate to life with a sense of humor. I could not have passed the exam without your help and probably wouldn’t have figured out the application process! You received multiple phone calls from me in a day at times and were always so kind and had the best answers. I cannot thank you enough!!

I took my state exam and passed the first time!  There are so many positives I can say about America West School of Real Estate. Every single person involved from Jack Haddad, Tishana Debenham, to the friendly receptionists are super supportive and helpful. I enjoyed the face to face, classroom setting. Tish is amazing! She is helpful and available for all of your questions. Jack was a great instructor. He not only teaches the material but he keeps his student on their moral compass. Everything I learned and all of my experience with America West is worth every penny.  Thank you!! <3

I enrolled in the online class and did all of my courses online. Tishana was always there to answer any questions and offer encouragement! I passed the State Exam the first time and I am excited to start a new career. Thank you America West School of Real Estate!

Hi Tish! I took my state exam today and I passed the first try. The book did a good job and included everything on the test! All I did to prepare was read the entire book for a few days before the test and go through all the quizzes the day of. I felt really prepared from the class and the book we used. Thank you for everything, America West was awesome and I have recommended several people to come to you for classes!

Tish, It is with great joy to inform you that I have successfully cleared my real estate salespersons license exam. I would to like to thank the whole team at the America West School. Please thanks Mr. Jack Haddad on my behalf; without his help and guidance my success would have been really doubtful. A very special thanks to you. You have always been such a prompt and great help from the start up to this point and will be a great support going further.
~ Surinder

Tishana, I just passed my real estate exam and wanted to thank you for all of your assistance.  I couldn't have accomplished this achievement without your guidance and the outstanding program that you have. 
~ Marc