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Have you ever thought about getting into the real estate business? Even if you’ve never considered it, you should know that a real estate sales career offers you:
  • Flexible Hours and Independence – Be Your Own Boss!
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Many Investment Opportunities
Real Estate sales is a challenging business and a most satisfying one…where your earnings are in direct proportion to your own efforts. It is one of the few industries in California which is still expanding and has good prospects for the future. A career in real estate allows you to work for yourself, set your own pace, schedule and reap the rewards of your own efforts. Many people have found it to be a highly profitable career, which has enriched their lives in many ways.
Choosing a career path and planning for the future is of the utmost importance. At the America West School of Real Estate, we can help you direct both! We offer you one of the best educational systems developed for training real estate agents in the state of California. With over twenty-seven years of experience in training perspective real estate agents, we have one of the highest pass rates in the industry.

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