How to Pass

Time proven method to pass the state exam the first time.

It’s very important to have an organized plan to pass your state exam the first time.

Here is our prescription for success:

Move through the whole process in an organized manner. In other words, set a goal and stick to it. If you get of track, jump back in as soon as possible.

Complete the Real Estate Principles Course and take the Principles Test right away after completing the course. Then take the additional two courses immediately following the Principles course.

As soon as you have all three of your certificates, you can apply for your state exam testing date. This time will vary for many reasons. You may be able to go to a location a little farther away and get a date more to your liking.

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Plan to take two practice exams a day during the first 2 ½ weeks. Spend 2 days after this going through the questions you missed.

Write down on index cards any facts you continually miss so you can study the day before or on the way to taking the exam.

After taking one week of practice exams, you should see your scores rise from the 60-68% range to the 70-85% range. If this is not happening you should increase to taking three tests per day until your averages start coming up. The computer will let you see how your scores are and how you are progressing.

You should be getting 80% or better by the time you take your state exam. If you are scoring 80% or higher, you should have no problem passing the exam.

Our Computer Cram study guide expires 10 weeks after you BEGIN using the program. We've found that having a time frame to study ensures extensive and proper use of our program. It also helps to keep you on track to prepare for your exam.

NOTE: There is no refund possible for the computer cram exam preparation.  It is not an approved State Course and only helps you pass the California State Exam.