Pre-Licensing Exams
Each course has one final open-book exam that consist of 100 multiple choice questions. You must achieve a 60% or better to pass.

Once the final exam is opened, you will only have 3 1/2 hours to complete the final. If you have been timed out, you will be graded off the questions answered, and all unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. You may not log in and out of the final exam and you will not be able to hit the "back" button. Logging out or hitting the back button will automatically submit your final to be graded and score will be based off questions completed.

Should you happen to not pass an exam on your first attempt, you must wait 18 days before you can attempt the final again. This 18 day rule is mandated by the California Department of Real Estate and cannot be expedited.

As each final exam is completed and passed, a certificate of completion will be issued. Certificates are issued within 15 days of passing final(s).

State Exam
The State Exam consists on 150 multiple choice questions, you have 3 1/4 hours to take the exam and you must receive a 70% or better to pass. Once you pass the State Exam, you may apply for your license.

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