Computer Cram

Our Computer Cram is designed to teach you not only the answers but how to read the questions as well. This course does not certify you to take your state exam but it is an excellent way to make sure you are prepared for the test.

The State Exam has many trick questions, using terms such as: other than, except, or, exempt, etc. In many cases, all the answers are correct, but they are looking for the most correct answer. Knowing how to disect the question to get to the right answer is what we have achieved with our program.

There are over 2600 sample questions written similar to those found on the actual State Exam. If you answer a question incorrectly, you will be given the correct answer with an explaination. After you have gone through these exams, new exams will be compiled specifically for you, consisting of the questions you missed the first time around. This procedure insures that you will not be wasting time studying material you already know, instead, you can focus on your weaknesses. The program also keeps a running score of your progress so once you are scoring 80% or better on the quizzes, you know you are ready for the State Exam.

Our Computer Cram study guide expires 10 weeks after you BEGIN using the program. We've found that having a time frame to study ensures extensive and proper use of our program. It also helps to keep you on track to prepare for your exam. Should you need more time, you can extend your cram session for 30 days for an additional $20 (cash or check only, in office).

NOTE: Refunds are not issued for the Computer Cram Course as the program is not an approved state course and is used for study purposes only.